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This is who The Crayon is.

Bunny Knutson

Music and Lyrics

Christina Lee

Music and Lyrics

Zak Claxton

Music and Lyrics

They Stole My Crayon was born on a fall evening in 2012. Three musically-adventurous friends decided that they needed to do something that they hadn't done before, and The Crayon began to coagulate. All three members of The Crayon contribute to each song's music and lyrics, and all sing and play multiple instruments. Currently at work on their debut album, They Stole My Crayon is based in Southern California. learn more about the three members of The Crayon below.

BUNNY KNUTSON hails originally from Corvallis, Oregon. He is a walking contradiction who seems too alternative for the mainstream world, but whose genuine love for pop music is enough to have him be treated with suspicion by the underground world. As a solo artist, Bunny's song "Lemon Frosting" was a popular addition to the "Guitar Hero" game franchise, and he has performed with and/or recorded with such diverse bands as Puzzlefish, No Use For A Name, and others.

CHRISTINA LEE often surprises people with the breadth of her musical tastes, which range from desert/stoner rock icons like Kyuss and Yawning Man through modern underground neo-psychedelia, euro-folk, and progressive bands like Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Junip, and Syd Arthur. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Christina contributes lyrics, vocals, a variety of percussion instruments, and keeps The Crayon focused on pushing musical boundaries.

ZAK CLAXTON gets most of his inspiration from nature, including the ocean's surf and the desert's sands. He grew up in the beach areas near Los Angeles. Zak has an extensively varied musical background, performing as a session and live musician as well as a producer and recording engineer. His most recent (and only) solo album came out in 2009. Zak is musically influenced by any artist or band who goes beyond the norm, with tastes that lean toward the ethereal and the weird.

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